Dear Neighbor,

My name is Ann Groves Lloyd, I was born and raised on my family’s farm right outside Lodi and I’m asking for the opportunity to serve you in government. 

Like many of you, I was upset to see policies coming out of our State Capitol attempting to deny us democratic representation in our government. I know that Wisconsin works better when everyone gets a fair shot, and unfortunately the policies coming out of our State Capitol over the past seven years benefit the rich and powerful over the rest of us. State and local government is meant to be a force for good when they partner with communities to foster growth and development. I am proud to be doing just that as an alderperson on the Lodi Common Council. 

I have also been dismayed at how the Wisconsin I love has been turning away from local control, clean government and public education. When I served as the Director of Career Services for the University of Wisconsin Madison, I saw first hand that there is no better on-ramp to the middle class than a quality education. Investing in our classrooms and our students is our state’s economic future. 

The Wisconsin I know treats people right. When our neighbors are down on their luck, we help them get back on their feet. Our state should be working to provide everyone health care - nobody should miss life-saving treatment because of what’s in their checking account or a pre-existing condition. We also used to look out for future generations by protecting our environment and natural resources. Wisconsin is not just for us, it’s for our children and theirs as well.

Growing up, my family taught me that you don’t just complain when you see a problem, you do something about it. My grandfather, Bill Groves, and my great-uncle, Harold Groves, did just that when they served in their state government on the Progressive ticket. 

My family was right. The Wisconsin I love is facing some serious problems, and I feel it’s my responsibility to step up and do something about it.

That is why I am proud to announce that I’m running for the 42nd District of the Wisconsin State Assembly. 

I can’t wait to travel across our district and hear your ideas on how to improve our communities. If we work hard, stand together and refuse to be divided, I know that we can build a Wisconsin to be proud of again. 

 Ann Groves Lloyd

Vote for Ann On November 6th!

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